Hi, my name is India! Welcome to basically the back cover flap of this blog. I’m born and raised in Atlanta and have a passion for reading, travel, and all things school supplies. I sometimes like to delve into creative projects and bake delicious treats as well.

I love to read all things fiction, from young adult (YA) to contemporary fiction and historical fiction. I read some non-fiction depending on the topics. I have had a love for reading since I was a little girl sometimes choosing books over recess. My favorite series growing up was Harry Potter and still is today. I love getting trapped in series and anticipating the next book, and I love reading works by debut authors as well.

Though a large part of my life is reading, it is not all I do. I love to travel and bake, and I love what I do for a living, which is being a paramedic.  Some of that will also appear on my blog as well. I’m not an English major, and never enjoyed my English writing classes, but I did enjoy my English Lit classes. I love having discussions about the books and seeing what other people think. Feel free to leave comments under neath posts, so we can talk!!

Please make sure to follow my blog as well as my social media accounts to learn more about me at @90sbornreader on Instagram and twitter! Also find me on youtube here! Until next time, keep turning the pages!