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Don’t Judge a Book by its cover… why not?

The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” comes up a lot, and not only with books. It comes up with food, people, stores, just about anything that has to do with judging things. But why wouldn’t you judge a book by its cover?

It’s the first thing you do. You look at the title and you look at the cover if neither one of them seems interesting you put the book back down. If the title seems interesting, but the cover doesn’t you might read the inside flap on a hard back book or you might read the back on a paperback book. If the cover seems interesting it doesn’t matter what the title is you immediately read the flaps and the back to figure out  more about it.

Take the book I’m reading Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder, the title sounds amazing and the cover looks delicious, but low behold the book moves kind of slow, but I bought the book anyway. The rest of Joanne Fluke’s books look just as delicious.

So, yes we always judge a book by its cover and its okay. If we didn’t we wouldn’t come up with our favorite authors. In another case This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen doesn’t have the most exciting cover, but for some reason the title really caught my eye and ever since that book she became my favorite author.

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