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Gossip Girl #1 by Cecily von Ziegesar

Don’t underestimate the struggles of the rich. Especially the rich teenagers. Yeah, they get whatever the want, can do whatever they want, but at what cost? Whatever they do, they better not make the family look bad. As soon as the family looks bad then there’s trouble for those kids.

In the gossip girl series a young gossip blogger, like myself, but without the gossip, follows the lives of upper class teenagers during their daily life.

When Blair’s bestfriend, or ex-bestfriend comes home from boarding school, she is not ready for it. When Serena left for school it made Blair the top of the food chain. When Serena comes back Blair is not ready to take a step back, so she decides to ignore that their friendship even happened. Serena comes home to find that all of her old friends aren’t talking to her anymore.

Going to a private school I understand a lot of what is happening, but you also have to remember that it’s not all serious. It’s a great novel, and they’re very addicting. I definitely recommend this novel to anyone!!

Keep turning those pages! 90s Born Reader

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