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Time has run out!!

With school starting I won’t have enough time to read as many books as I want.

This year I am attending the University of Pittsburgh as an incoming freshman. I am majoring in pre-athletic training. Just in that major I’m already swamped! Of course I’m going to try and read, but with text books, activities, sporting events, clubs, and the English classes that I’m forced to take (we all know English is not my best subject) I barely have any reading time.

Of course I’m so excited to go and start something new. I went to the same school for 14 years (K-12), so being around new people and in a new place is going to be a lot of fun.

If I think of something or if I finish a book in the 12 HOUR DRIVE to Pittsburgh I will certainly write about it.

Until then, keep turning the pages

90s Born Reader

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