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Marked (House of Night Series Book 1) by P.C. Cast

Yes, another vampire book, but this one is different. It seems like they all should be the same, there’s blood sucking, or love, or way too pretty people, but P.C. Cast finds a way to make hers different.

In the first novel in the House of Night series a young woman, Zoey Redbird, is “marked” and the world as she knows it no longer exists. By being “marked” it means that she has been chosen by the Goddess Nyx to become a vampyre. Zoey is forced to change schools to the House of Night where young vampyres, fledglings, as they’re called go to learn the history of vampyres and how to be a vampyre. The only catch with being marked is that the fledgling may or may not go through the complete change. If a fledgling does not complete the change they die.

Zoey Redbird proves time and time again that she is different than the rest of the fledglings having personally being touched by the Goddess Nyx. Not only is she an amazing future vampyre, but she finds a group of friends who she can finally call family, and feels like she fits in with everyone else.

Of course with ever heroine there is a villain, and Zoey Redbird has met her match with the most popular, or most feared, girl in school, Aphrodite. She has the pride that everyone wants, but the attitude that no one wants.

Through out Zoey’s first month of school she meets a lot issues that she has to overcome, as well as a lot of boy problems like every other teenage girl.

I thoroughly enjoyed this interesting twist on the world of vampyres. I believe that it is very refreshing and focuses more on the world of vampyres, and the twists and mysteries that go on in their world. I highly recommened reading this novel, especially if you have read any of the Harry Potter series or Twilight Series. Though none of them are the same, they each open your mind to new possibilities, which is very important in this world today.

Until next time, keep turning the pages

90s Born Reader

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