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Do you remember when you were in school and you had to do summer reading? When the school assigned you certain books that had to be read during the summer, and when you go back to school you were going to be quizzed, tested, or forced to write a paper on? I remember hating every moment of it and I’m actually a reader and always have been. I never particularly liked the books they chose, and if you read them too early in the summer you would forget everything by the time school started so you had to wait until the last minute to read them. I don’t know all of this could be a foreign concept to you, as I was told some people didn’t have to do this. I think my school finally caught on how horrible summer reading is when they allowed us to pick our books from a list so it at least made is seem like we had some say in the matter… But we didn’t.

Like I already said I’m a reader, so all they were doing was actually adding more books to the amount that I was going to read. I’m not going to say that it was a totally wasted experience because it did make me read some books that I never would have picked for myself. Books like Call of the Mall (I’m pretty sure that the staff thought we would like this book because it was about the mall, and made us have a field trip to the mall during the summer, but it was one of the worst books I’ve ever read, sorry Paco Underhill), Founding Brothers, Scarlet Letter (I probably would have gotten to that after Easy A came out lol), and others including books about the Savannah in Africa.

As usual I always have a ton of books that I want to read during the middle of the summer. For a student who is out of school and is doing nothing right now, I’ve done a horrible job of actually completing books. I have too many books that I’m reading at one time and the problem is none of them are fast paced, but they’re all really good. I’m on a plane to Seattle right now with my mother and I’m trying to read lion by Gregory Maguire, but like his other books it moves really slowly, but you appreciate the story at the end. I’m actually reading that book as a hardback book, which is becoming such a weird thing! Don’t worry I also brought my kindle with me as well and on that I’m reading Steve Jobs, which is such an amazing story about a man of whose products I support and own wholeheartedly. I bought two new books for this trip, another Steve Berry book, and a book from a new series that I haven’t read before, so I’m excited to read both of those. Until next time,

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