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So… I love to do other than things than just reading books, and I like to read other things than read books. I also love to read music as well being an old choir nerd with Atlanta Young Singers. This weekend/week we will be at our annual camp at Camp Woodmont where our wonderfully talented campers and singers will be practicing their music for the upcoming season, bonding with each other, and having a lot of fun with their counselors (aka me lol) in awesome activities. This year I’m helping our fantabulous (wow my redline spell checker didn’t come up for that word) director in rehearsals to help with the kids learning their music. This year somehow we are singing songs that I did not sing in my time as a singer, so that means the few days I have before camp I need to learn some music.

Now most people who read this will think that it’s a church choir or a school choir well this type of choir is nothing like that. This choir is how I describe it, a private choir. Atlanta Young Singers (AYS), has children from different schools from all around Atlanta who audition to be apart of this choir. The ages range from about 3rd – 12th grade and the singers always take me buy surprise of how amazing they are when I return to their concerts, and I was a part of the choir! These talented young singers also go on a tour every summer to a different part of the globe. Yes I said globe. Some of the past tours include, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and Spain. Don’t worry they do travel to the United States on occasion, like this summer. This summer they went to the World Choir Games, where their Treble Concert Choir and Youth Chorale choir won Gold Awards at.
Growing up I absolutely loved this choir. It provided some place for me to go and express myself through song and where I met my best friends for the rest of my life. I learned about so many different cultures, how to read different languages, and how to truly appreciate what it takes to be in what I would like to think of as semi-professional choir. I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything.
If you know of any children who love to sing, and would like a fun challenge, in the age groups I mentioned, they hold auditions through out the year, and I would contact the office to set one up. This choir will help change your life in so many positive ways.

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