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In Search of Sisterhood, Paula Giddings


So, first let me proclaim that I am guilty of not actually finishing the whole book… I just didn’t have time to!

I will say that if you are looking to become a member of the illustrious sorority of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc, it is a good place to start to learn about some of the women, 22 founders to be exact, and what they did to start this sorority.
I will also say that it is a difficult read, dry, making you not want to read it and just kind of lear what you know from everyone else who is already apart of the sorority.
A little shameless plug for me, I just became a part of this wonderful sorority, Spring ’13 a part of Mu Chapter at the University of Pittsburgh!!
Until Next Time,
Keep Turning the Pages
90s Born Reader
And a special OOOOOOOO-OOOOP!!! To my Sorors!

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