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Divergent, Veronica Roth

Abnegation, the selfless, Amity, the peaceful, Candor, the honest, Dauntless, the brave, and Erudite, the intelligent. In which one of those factions do you think you’re a part of. What are your core values? Is a test going to tell you which place you are going to spend the rest of your life? Are the results of that test going to give you a clear path? Saying that you should be apart of this faction, or you are best suited for two factions, or even yet best suited for three factions. On decision day are you going to decide to stay with your family in their faction, or are you going to leave them behind and do something new. At the end of the switch to a new life are you going to be factionless?
Beatrice “Triss” Prior is not the only person who decides to leave their family and go somewhere else, but just because it has been done before doesn’t mean that it is accepted. To switch to a polar opposite of what you have grown up as can be difficult. To not know that your life and your abilities can help shape the future is even more difficult.
If you’re looking for another book to go with your Hunger Games addiction this is the one for you!!!!!! I absolutely fell in love with this book. I read it in a day and was ready to buy the next one immediately. I don’t think I can give this book anymore praise than to just say it was amazing! It provided family issues, secrets that come to the surface, and the decision of embarking on your own journey. Can’t wait for a movie hopefully, and the next couple of books! Until next time,
Keep turning the pages
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