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Allegiant, Veronica Roth


The start of this book continued right were the last one left off. The factionless have taken over, and things are looking bleak for Tris who has been imprisoned once again for treason. Oh did I mention that Tris and Marcus found a recording of someone from a long time ago who told them that basically their life is a lie, and something needs to be done about the happenings going on outside the fence, and nothing that they know is actually true. Yep, that happened. Of course curiosity gets a hold of Tris, and she has to know what is going on outside of the fence, which people have been telling her her whole life is dangerous, but they don’t know why. Also on the rise are a group of people who are becoming rebels to Four’s mom being in charge, and they are calling themselves the Allegiant, and they would like for Tris to help them. Tris decides that the Allegiant should be helped, and they make a plan to get outside of the city and on the other side of the fence. What they find there is something none of them would ever expect.

        Honestly, this was my least favorite book of all three. Maybe from the way it ended, maybe from not so real twists and turns, maybe because the relationships that were being formed are falling apart, and a lot of random names are starting to come together. Maybe it’s because too many people have power complexes. It took me quite a few days to read this, and not just because of school either. There were just some parts that were difficult to get through, unlike the other where I could blow through those in 5 hours, and not have the desire to move from the spot I was reading to get through it. Of course you have to finish out the series, so get to reading, but if you did not like the end of Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins, you won’t like this either. Until next time,
Keep turning the pages
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