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The Hobbit: Movie vs. Book Part 1

the hobbit  the hobbit movie part 1I was getting ready to see the second The Hobbit and I realized that I never acually did my review from last year! Probably also because I had not finished the book either. Luckily when I went and saw the movie, that I had no idea was becoming a trilogy, I had read up to the part that the movie ended. Looking back, I now realize how much was left out of the first one leading into the second one, like the pact with the wolve and the trolls to hunt down the dwarves after the killing of the troll king. I still think that the whole thing was very well put together, and of course with every prequel it’s fun to see where The Lord of the Rings comes from. There were some minor changes on how things occurred, and because of that it can throw you off a little, but I think they stayed somewhat true to the first part of the book for the movie.

If you haven’t seen it go to your nearest place that sells DVD/Blue-Ray and watch it. You will enjoy it, and all the action that goes a long with it. Until next time,
Keep turning the pages
90s Born Reader

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