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EBags Packing Cube Review

*Everything that is in here is my opinion and I was not paid for any of it!*

When preparing for my cruise and trip to Rome I kept stumbling on these weird bags that help you to pack and keep you organized. Now that combines two things that I love to have and do, bags and organizing. So, I had to check them out. I watched countless youtube movies and moved from website to website, and read a whole bunch of reviews. When it came down to it they were inexpensive and came in pretty colors. I decided to try the set of 3 carrying size slim packing cubes, and 3 small ones. After getting the package it surprised me how small they were, realizing that I have never seen a comparison picture. But… I already loved them and was picturing them in my suitcase, which of course they match. I decided I loved them so much, and I had not gotten my best friend a graduation present (terrible friend), so I decided to get her a set of the 3-slim packing cubes (all the same size). I got hers in one of her favorite colors of canary, and decided that I needed another set of the 3-slim packing cubes.

It was difficult to tell what the sizes were like on the website, so I put a picture here. The slim cubes were about the width of a macbook pro, and the small cubes were the size of a hardback book.


When it was finally time for me to pack I could already see how I was going to divide up all of the clothes I was packing. For my trip I was taking 2 suitcases; a medium sized checked bag and a carry on. I then decided to use the small and slim packing cubes, which were both blue, in my checked bag, and my green odd shaped bags in my carry on. Now I read many a packing list, and I am not a light packer, but I did my best to cut down on the amount of clothes I was bringing and leave out the “just in case” category. I saw my sleeveless shirts and dresses in one, my underwear and swim suites in another, shorts and workout clothes in another, and it was all coming together.

Placing them in my suitcase after they were all packed up was like magic. They took up no room in my suitcase, especially with the amount of clothes I was packing, and I even had an extra, small cube, which I tossed in just in case I bought anything interesting.

Taking them along with me was the best decision I have ever made when it comes to traveling, and I will be using them religiously. Being able to unpack my suitcase just by taking the bags out of my suitcase and tossing them in the drawers was amazing. Definitely get them, they’re affordable and worth it!! Until next time,

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