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The Charlemagne Pursuit, Steve Berry

charlemagne pursuit
Cotton Malone is on another adventure. This time it is more personal for him. Through out his whole life he has been trying to figure out what really happened to his father. He knows that his father was in the military, and that he died doing his job, but why was his body never recovered, and why were there no answers for him. Through the help of some old friends he is able to discover a long held cover up, and discover something that is bound to change the world.
During his search he pairs with a family that has deep historical roots in Europe who is on the same mission as him, but is treating it more as a competition for the family rights more than for the closure. Malone knows that he should not trust this family, but he also knows he needs their help. This journey is so much more for Malone than a lot of other discoveries he has made, and figuring out the truth will find himself in dangerous situations.
Oh, Steve Berry, you have done it again. You have taken a wonder of history and made it into so much more. The Charlemagne Pursuit is another great Cotton Malone novel that had me reading it from the get go. I know I don’t need to say much because I’ve read a few of them now and have given reviews on those as well. If you have gotten this far keep going! I am currently reading The Paris Vendetta and as usual it is suspenseful. Until next time,
Keep Turning the Pages
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