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A Beautiful Mess, a Kelly Moore Bag

AAAAHHHHHHHH two of my favorite things to stare at on the computer came together.

Kelly Moore, check out that post here, and A Beautiful Mess, which is a wonderful blog of DIY and Recipes and photography tips. These two made a bag that explores function, business, and style in the world of photography. This bag is on the larger side, and sometimes I can’t get it to lie where I want it to on my body.

It is a beautiful briefcase style that holds everything that you need it to hold in terms of gear, and more. It can also be used as a diaper bag or anything else you want because the inside sleeve for your camera comes out as it does on the B-Hobo bag. Here are some pictures of how I use it.





It also comes with a diaper changing mat, and a container that can hold a large lens or a water bottle. It also comes in fun colors like Kelly Green and Walnut. I chose the Walnut color because I already have a Mustard Kelly Moore bag, and I wanted something that could possibly be used for school as well.  I can put basically the same amount of stuff in this bag as I can can the B-Hobo bag, with probably just a little extra room and a little more free space.


Also my iPad mini fits in the front pocket, and my surface tablet fits in the back pocket. I like having my surface instead of my macbook sometimes just because it is lighter, and I can still upload pictures on to it. With a nifty SD card reader I got from BestBuy I don’t need to know where the cords are.

This bag is close to $200, but it is a large and sturdy bag that comes with some extra things in it. I think it is just a little too wide, as I said earlier it doesn’t sit on me right, but I could just be weird.

It also comes with two straps, a matching strap, and the striped strap that matches the inside of the bag. I hope these pictures help! I’m going to try and get a picture of me with the bag, so you can see where it lays. Until next time,

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