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Life Planner by Erin Condren

If anyone really knows me they know that I have unhealthy obsession with everything school supplies. Notebooks, paper, pens, pencils, highlighters, markers, and even planners. During one of my extensive times on the internet I stumbled upon this amazing looking planner called the “Life Planner” by Erin Condren. I immediately fell in love for the sheer fact I could put my name on it and customize it! Who doesn’t like that?! While I was on the internet I watched countless amounts of YouTube videos on it how people further customized their LP, and how they used it, which made me fall in love. Some people are a little over the top in my opinion, on their organization, and I don’t see how they keep up with it every day, but I will try my best to stay on top of mine.
I bought mine earlier in the summer as soon as the new ones were put in stock, that same day the website crashed! Luckily I got my order in before then. During the summer I didn’t have much to put in it, but now that school is starting along with work I have a lot more to put in it. It also has monthly, and weekly views. I love having both because I can put big things on the monthly view, while the random stuff that happens during the week I can put in that view. It also comes with stickers that you can customize, and also some blank ones to add whatever you want on them. They are supposed to now be repositionable, but I’m having a hard time with that.

Below you can see some pictures on how I use my planner.

When you order it, it comes in this beautiful box that immediately makes you happy.



When you open it everything is neatly packaged with attention to detail and some inspirational cards.




I ordered a package of the elastic bands to go with my LP to help keep it closed. I wish they came in more colors, so that even if I get a new cover they will match y planner.


This is a quick look at how I use my planner. So the planner is divided into three sections on the weekly view into Morning, Day, and Night. I tried to use it like that, but I did not like it. I ended up putting some Washi Tape over them, and now use them into more of a Work, School, Home categories,



Here is a better view. (Look at those work times! Horrible right?!)

I typically color code my classes, so I know what I need to do for each class.

As you can see my home life isn’t that exciting.





I absolutely love Post-It notes! I have a pack of them in every bag I own, in all sizes, some with lines, some without. They are so useful for quick to-do lists and notes.

I really like the clear divider because that helps me be able to pinpoint the exact week that we are in, while the months are already divided with tabs.


I haven’t quite figured out how I want to use the To-Do lists on the side and the bottom. Maybe for when I want to go to the gym, I have used them to write down notes while I’m on the phone trying to figure things out. One day I’ll think of something

Each planner also comes with stickers! Like I said earlier, they are supposed to be repositionable, but if they stick on there for too long they don’t peel back off very well. I decided to get some personalized ones as well, and there are some blank ones that allow you to write in whatever you would like.


There are  also two different types of pockets. I moved the ziplock pocket to the front of my planner, and then there’s one in the back that I keep papers in.




Erin Condren also throws in these “Call Me Cards” or business cards in there that match your planner, and some thank you notes, and a couple of post cards in the clear pocket as well!!


Finally there is this nifty “Perpetual Calendar”. As in all of the dates that never change, birthdays, holidays, Sorority dates, any of that! She took it out of the old planner, and made it so that you can easily transfer this to anything.



So as you can see, I’m not that fancy in the use of my LP, like you can find on YouTube, but I do just do what works for me, and that’s all I can recommend for you. Do what works for you and only you because if you try to do too much, you might get overwhelmed and decide to to use this beautiful tool.

If you’re ready to buy an Erin Condren Life Planner click here! It’s definitely worth the cost, and is built to last through many tosses in bags, coffee dates, and extravagant planning. Enjoy it! Until next time,

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