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May Books by May Designs!

During my original search for a planner I stumbled on the May Designs website, but they didn’t have the planner I was really looking for, which is how I got the Erin Condren Life Planner.

As I stumbled on them again, and again I figured it was time for me to get them. I mean they’re not that expensive, they range from $14-$22, and are customizable. Who can beat that price for something you get to make your own?!?!
So, when I got an email saying that they were doing 40% certain style I decided it was time. For my first MayBook I went with the budget planner. I like the size of the MayBooks because I feel like I can slide this budget planner in my LP and it’s not going to cause any problems, and that helps, so I always know how my money is. Also the cover is water resistant, so as long as it is closed your May Book should be okay against light spills. Now the budget planner is broken down so that each month you can write in your expenses, regular, and spur of the moment ones, and help to keep track of your budget.
Right now I’m not sure how to use it for its full potential, but when I move into my apartment in January, I’m pretty sure I’ll be using it a lot more.
Then May Designs was on Oprah’s favorite things! Who doesn’t want to be like Oprah! They were 40% off all over again, so this time I got two!! I got the planner version for 2015, and also a food intake/exercise journal.
Here you can see how I customized mine, and about what size they are.
You can see that it is about the same size as my iPad mini, and almost as thin as well.
The way the planer is set out kind of surprised me. It is a month and week base, but instead of the weeks following each month, it goes all of the months, and then all the weeks after it. Just a little different for me, but it is so cute!
The food/exercise journal is different too because I normal put things in MyFitnessPal, and that helps to tell me the calories, while this will only remind of the food I eat, and what exercises I do….if any…
The budget planner is designed month by month, and you go through and write in all of your expenses and savings to help you keep track of how much money you have.
During 2015 I’m going to try and use all of these more. There are so many new things happening for me in 2015 that I think all of these will come in handy. Did I mention they’re personalized..?!?! Until next time
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