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First Apartment!

I am taking another big step into adulthood! I’ve got my first real apartment!
I’m not talking about your college apartment that was a two bedroom, that you shared with four people, in the middle of your college town, not actually knowing your landlord, and being okay with the peeling paint on the walls.
I’m talking about, completely empty, no furniture, no groceries, no nothing. A blank canvas, or a blank space. (Anyone else have Taylor Swift go through their heads?!)
All of the blog posts that show you an apartment that seems to be built in a day are just a lie. Or they’re really rich. As someone who just got a big girl job, and moved out faster than she thought. I’ll show you what it’s like to actually have to plan, wait, and save for your apartment.  I hope you have fun following me on my journey! Until next time,
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90s Born Reader

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