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#MedicLife: Natural Hair Probs

Working as a medic means working outside. It means checking off my truck outside, treating patients outside, walking to facilities…outside… Do you get my point? In the south the weather rarely ever knows that it wants to do, and working from morning to night means that I get all the weather changes. It starts off humid and dewy in the morning, gets really hot in the afternoons, and then starts to cool off again. My hair just can’t take it some days!!
I start off my day with beautiful curls, and then an hour into shift they are falling, and frizzing up, to turn into nothing. Thank you Georgia humidity, and moist mornings! I found these wonderful things on Instagram, and after contemplating how I would wear them, I finally got them!
Kurly Klips Hair Extension! They are the best! They are also really awesome because they match natural hair textures. The price did not really phase me because it was the same I would spend on the hair for a sew-in. Also I get to take them out as I please, and wash my hair and do what ever. They are also completely versatile, which is even better. I’ll add some pictures below, but definitely check these out as a low maintenance, protective style!
It comes in this beautiful box protecting your new hair!
Here you have the one section where you can feel and touch the hair with one of the two clip wefts, just in case you don’t like it you can return it.
The hair comes in 1 – 3 clip weft, start with that one on the bottom, 1 – 4clip weft, put that one along the widest part of your head, and then there are 5 – 2 clip wefts that help to add shape, and can help make parts in your hair.
So excuse my hair, but this was me the day I got my clip ins. I had done curlformers a few days before, and some areas still had some soft curls in them other areas not so much, and were pretty straight. I think I had put a headband on earlier to just push everything back and out of my face. I worked a lot that week, didn’t have time to fix my hair hahahaha
I was so excited about them I just threw them in my hair without doing anything to my hair! I watched so many YouTube videos before buying them it was ridiculous. I did exactly what the video said to do, section and clip, section and clip, and WAH-LA! Big hair! I already loved how easy was, how much it didn’t hurt, and how much I had already transformed
Next up was trying them without my hair out at all, like how I would do for work. I flat twisted my hair real quick, and knotted the ends with the thought of letting the ends out just in case I wanted to wear a pony tail. Then I put the clips on top of the twists and used the reverse clip method at my part, so you can’t see the actual clips.
I kept the front twists visible just so it looks like I twisted down the front. I pulled the right (my left side) forward a little bit so you can see how long the “Shoulder Chic Fro Collection” is on me.
A few days later I let out my hair from the flat twists, fluffed it out and added some of the 2-clip wefts to my hair around the top. Make by Brittany Hervey in this last picture, check out her website! Turns out my hair isn’t as long as I thought it is for these things. I would buy the “Bobcat Fro Collection” if I wanted to wear my hair out when it is really curly and tight. I would purchase another “Shoulder Chic Fro Collection” if I were going to hide my hair completely so that I would have more volume.
The cool things about the clips is that they come in and out super easy, and wash super easy. They also can do whatever your hair can do. For the last picture I actually washed and then two strand twisted them to give them a define curl. They can also be placed in curlformers as well, and straightened. You have all the options!! I definitely plan on buying more! Did I mention shipping was free and incredibly fast?! Until next time,
Keep turning the pages,
90s Born Reader

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