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Transformation Tuesday: Week 1

Hey everyone!!

I have decided to finally kick myself in the butt and start losing weight. I have said that time and time again, but I have never actually done anything about it. The problem is that I have no accountability, and I no longer have any discipline. So, I have decided to track my progress on here to I guess keep me motivated and to help others be motivated too.
Let me start with the reason that I decided to lose weight. It’s not for a man, it’s not because anyone has called me fat. It’s because I’ve seen myself look and feel better. I know what it feels like for me to be in shape and not get tired walking up a set of stairs. I know what it feels like to be able to walk into Victoria Secret and buy the bra that I want instead of finding some crazy expensive stores that has bras in my size. I know what it feels like for me to be able to buy clothes and not feel like I have to always buy the largest size available because I’m not technically plus size either. Now, I’ve always been a curvy girl and I plan on keeping it that way. I love my curves, I just don’t like the 40lbs of excess my curves have put on.
To start I contacted my friend about getting on Herbalife. I’ve heard good things and bad things and seen the results. My complaints is how expensive it is!! They will tell you that it will help cut out grocery costs, and eating out costs, but for me it just took those budgets away from me.  The thing about Herbalife is that you have to replace two meals with shakes, tea, and pills and then what ever meal you choose needs to have healthy options. The goal is to also to
workout while doing it as well.
I’m going to try and post weekly about how it is going but for starter’s I’m weighing in at 200lbs and 39% body fat. I’m currently 5’8”, wear a size 12/32 in pants, a 36G bra, and a L top. Let’s see what happens. I have a trip to Italy and the fall and I plan on looking fabulous! Until next time,
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