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Busy Bands by 90s Born Reader!!

I’m so excited to announce my next adventure!! If you follow me on social media than you already know what I’m talking about!! I would like to share with you my Busy Bands!!
The idea all started because I am sometimes too lazy to do my hair (curly girl problems) and I wear headbands often, but I wanted my headbands to be as versatile as I am. I wanted to be able to wear them out, work out in them, and wear them to work. I wanted my hair to still look like I tried even though I know I didn’t.
Also with the rise of busy schedules and always being on the move there needed to be a quick go to solution. Thus Busy Bands were made!!
I made them so that they were long enough to go around your head and be tied in a bow in the front, the back, the side, wherever! If you like the ends to hang down you can also do that or take bobby pins and pin them to your hair. It is also wide enough to cover up any edges you didn’t have time to fix. You can also tie them around a bun. The bands are also reversible so that they can go with any outfit. Some of them also come with satin backs to easily slide over your curls.
c9a14520-41df-45fa-85b4-d37a8fd1cc6dThe headbands are not solely for curly girls, they are for everyone!! Anyone can wear a Busy Band and rock them on their busiest day, lazy day, workout day, or just when you want to add an accessory to your hair. Please check them out in my Etsy Store! Until next time,
img_5509 img_5510 img_5512 img_5779-2 img_5781-2 img_5784-2
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