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#MedicLife: Using the Medical ID on your iPhone

No one ever thinks about not being able to use your phone in an emergency, but what happens if you need to? Say you’re in a car accident and you’re not able to answer EMS’ questions. Maybe you had an allergic reaction to something you ate, but no one around you knows what caused it, and you can’t speak. Say you partied too hard one night, and you blacked out, or ended up somewhere you weren’t supposed to be. Or, on the lighter side let’s say that you lost your phone somewhere random, and there’s no way for someone to unlock it to call your family.
The newer iPhones have something called the Medical ID! It is the equivalent of having the bracelet around your wrist, but this can hold so much more information, and can be accessed from your lock screen. It takes 2 minutes to set up, and can be so beneficial down the line.
1. Start by finding the Apple Health Kit App on your iPhone (excuse my background)
2. Open the app ( I know seems like an unnecessary step)
3. Look on the bottom of the screen to press the Medical ID information
4. Scroll down until you see “Edit” information, and put in all of your information! Especially allergies!
5. Don’t forget to make it visible from your lock screen. That is the most important part!
I hope you found this information helpful! Please share this with friends and family. Until next time,
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