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When Dimple Met Rishi, Sandhya Menon

– Short Story –

Have you ever had a dream so bad you were willing to do whatever it takes to get it? Or, have you ever felt a deep sense of culture and self that you knew what your future held? For Dimple, she has always wanted to be a part of the coding world. Designing apps and games and anything else you can imagine. While for Rishi, he has also known that his culture is a large part of who he is and what he believes in, and because of that he also believes in arranged marriages. Dimple is not like every Indian girl and continues to try and push away from being the typical Indian girl wearing kohl eyeliner and sahris. When Dimple’s parents said that she is allowed to go to Insomnia Con 2017 after being accepted to Stanford University she thought that this final summer before college couldn’t get any better. What she did not know was that there was someone else coming to Insomnia Con to meet her, and that might change her life or she might affect change on someone else.

– My Thoughts –

I really enjoyed this book and I thought it was super cute! I don’t read contemporary a lot because of all of the love stories, but that is definitely what this book is about. It is a love story that takes place during a coding competition, but it really has nothing to do with coding. It’s all about the romance, and once you understand that it gets a lot better. I read it one day because it was so cute and made me happy. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a follow your heart type of book. Until next time,
Keep Turning the Pages
90s Born Reader


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