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I am a girl born in the early 90s who loves to read. You don’t find that many people in my generation who are willing to say that, we’re the generation of game boys and computers. Most of my friends don’t like to read and wonder why I spend so much time reading myself. I  first decided to create this blog so that I can put up the books that I love to read, are reading, or want to read in hopes that people my age will start to read more or continue to read. Over the years I have adapted it to a little bit more, adding more of myself into the mix, and not just the books that I love so much.

I recently graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, with a bachelors degree in Emergency Medicine. I know, not an English Major, so when do I get to read? Whenever I don’t feel like doing home of course! Now that I’m not in school I have a lot more time to read, and plan on taking advantage of it. Also now that I have a job I have money in order to splurge on books as soon as they come out.

I hope you enjoy my blog! I put up some summaries and book reviews, and sometimes just talk about what’s on my mind mostly having to deal with books, but sometimes school as well. I have began to include more about my life including being a paramedic, and some reviews on things that I use.


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