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Adore Me Lingerie!!

I took a chance on one of those Facebook ads, and it really paid off. I found a wonderful place to find lingerie at that has all sizes!! Yes, I mean all sizes for big girls, small girls, all sizes, and the lingerie is beautiful! For us big girls it is hard to find bras that look pretty, and make you feel pretty. Most of the time they are just for structure and support, but these are sexy!! I absolutely loge that they come with a matching panty as well, which makes it well worth the already affordable price.

If you become a VIP member then they send you an email every month asking you to buy or skip. If you do not choose either they will charge you $39.95, but don’t worry it stays in your account to use later. I have actually “forgotten” a couple of months in a row so that I wouldn’t spend the money that I wanted to spend on bras, and was able to get some more pretty things. The VIP status gets you $10 off each and every bra every time as well.


In this purchase I got some basics, black and royal blue, but trust me there is nothing basic about them!
If this is your first time click here. Your first set will be $24.95, and then you will be hooked! There are also tons of BOGO sales to look out for as well, and if you buy 6 sets the next one is on them! Happy shopping! Until next time,

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