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After the Leaves Fall, Nicole Baart

After the Leaves Fall by Nicole Baart looks into the world of a young girl with a twisted family. Julia has had to deal with so many more issues than a normal girl by the age of 9 has had to deal with. When she was younger her mother left her and her father without looking back, and a few years later her father dies unexpectedly. When a girl has grown up in the church and then nothing but bad things happen to her it’s hard to remain close to her faith. Luckily she had her grandmother and a lifelong best friend of Thomas. Through these two she manages to get through middle school and high school without any other disasters. When she gets to college she believes that she has found the perfect guy for her, but he happens to be someone of authority. She is willing to break the rules a little bit, but rules are not always meant to be broken. Soon she notices that her life becomes awfully close to that of her mother’s.

I of course cannot tell a lie, and I do have to say that this book though still very good, is predictable and is like all other teen angst novels, about life, love, and abandonment. It’s a good easy read, but be prepared to know every twist and turn of the story before it happens.

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