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The Street by Ann Petry

To continue with my English Lit class, the next book we read was The Street by Ann Petry. In The Street a young woman by the name of Lutie Johnson is faced with a lot hard decisions of which she has to remember that each decision leads to a response. Some of these incredibly difficult decisions include whether or not to leave her husband and son to be able to work and earn money for them, to move to an apartment with her son that might not be the safest, and to partake in a singing career that may or may not get her anywhere.Of course with every decision that is made there is always a consequence, which can either be a positive or negative experience. For Lutie Johnson, most of her decisions come with a negative consequence. She decides to work to provide for her family, and her husband leaves her. She moves to a  new apartment and Bub, her son, is afraid of the impending darkness that is surrounding him, and the superintendent makes Lutie uncomfortable.When the time comes to make a decision that could help her and Bub move from the apartment, she is presented with an option to sing with a band.

Lutie is faced with so many decisions that affect her life and the people around her, and sometimes people don’t always understand why people make the decision she does. Lutie is a strong woman who is trying to care for her son in whatever way possible. What Lutie comes to understand is that sometimes the right decision isn’t always the easiest. At the end of the story she makes the hardest decision a mother could ever make, but in her heart and mind she believes that it is right.

I recommend this book to anyone who has ever been faced with hard decision and are not sure what to do. It does so much to open the eyes of young readers everywhere who have not had to face such hardships as the young characters in this book. Definitely read this book, it is one of my favorites so far this year. Until next time

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