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Happy Birthday to Me!!

Today is my birthday!! And on my birthday I thought about all the books that I have loved over the years. Really what I did is think of the books that came immediately to mind. Here are the books that came to my mind in no particular order:

  1. Old Magic
  2. Twilight Series
  3. Divergent Series
  4. Harry Potter Series
  5. Life of Pi
  6. Angels and Demons
  7. Pendragon Series 
  8. Fearless Series 
  9. Things Fall Apart
  10. The Fault in Our Stars
  11. The Book Thief
  12. Mortal Instruments Series

And so many more! With quick thinking I was lead to these answers. I know there are some names that I’m forgetting that have been my favorite through out my life, like Goodnight Moon. Birthdays are supposed to be a celebratory day, and thinking of the times that are ahead, but today I’m thinking about the past, and all the fun moments I’ve had reading. Until next time,

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