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The Highs and Lows of Social Media

You would think social media would be a blogger’s best friend! Right?

My problem with social media is that you have to go through and connect it to everything! Also I’m still self conscious about the whole blogging thing, so attaching it to social media makes everything seem so much more real. With blogging about books it’s difficult to get views. I’m not talking about things that people want to read all the time like fashion, makeup, or traveling. I’m talking about reading, which is a dying thing on its own. Kind of like owning actual paper books. Now that I’ve finally made a Facebook page, after a year or so of contemplating, it’s time to make that better. Check it out here:
social media icons
Don’t forget twitter:  @90sbornreader
google+: 90s Born Reader
and even tumblr @90sbornreader
We’ll see if I get the hang of this. I’m trying I promise.
Until next time,
Keep turning the pages
90s Born Reader