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Larry’s Girls, Thomas Green Jr.

So, Larry’s Girls by Thomas Green Jr. was an interesting book. This was this year’s gag gift from my mother, and what a gag it was. We all know how much I love reading and she said she bought this book to “Help a brotha out”. After reading this book I can see that he is going to need all the help he can get. It was not just the typos, repeated paragraphs and pages, run on sentences, and all around mess of the book that made it bad. It was the “story” line. When the author described it to my mother he said that it was book that would suit a college educated woman due to the fact that it is set in a college scene. Well, I don’t know how many college educated women that he has talked to, but this was not suitable.

It was mainly about sex of college coeds and so called “relationships” that happen in those types of situations. Granted the book took me a day to read in between getting calls at my clinical site, so it was not difficult to read at all. Well, except for getting confused that there were repeated paragraphs and pages, that I think were supposed to be the same…? I’m not sure. If you want to “help a brotha out” then by all means get this book and read it, but if not…. then don’t. Until next time,
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