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What Happened to Goodbye, Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen‘s What Happened to Goodbye was not unlike any of her other books. In this novel a young gir, Mclean Sweet,l has been incredibly hurt by her parents scandal, and messy divorce. By the end of the custody battle she has decided to live with her dad who is a restaurant consultant. Because her dad has this time consuming job, she has to move around a lot making her constantly move away from friends and what she knows. This also makes her come up with a new identity for herself in each new place, from personality, involvement, and even her name. Mclean and her dad finally stop at a place that she grows to love, and accidentally starts to allow people into her life, and into her real name. It’s not until her relationship with her mother completely breaks that things start taking a turn for the worse.

What Happened to Goodbye, has the same sequence of events like in every other Sarah Dessen novel. Of course I love every single one of them and it never takes me more than 3 days to read them. In every novel, a girl has a hard life, someone particularly a boy changes her life, her life hits rock bottom, and then all of a sudden everything is good again. I enjoyed reading the novel because parts of it always touch my heart and makes me think about my own life. If you’re a hard core Sarah Dessen fan like myself you should definitely read this heart touching story. If you’re not a hard core fan, I still recommend this novel. Until next time

Keep turning the pages,

90s Born Reader