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The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald



I can’t think of what a better word describes the magnificent story of The Great Gatsby. To me The Great Gatsby is about a man who has held on to so much hope and love in his life that it has consumed him to the point where he has changed himself. He created someone he thought she wanted to see, but so much time has passed she’s not even sure the love she once had is the same.
Even with all of the parties, symbolism, and American history that is portrayed in this novel, it is that word that sticks out to me. The feeling that at the right moment and at the right time what you want will happen, and what you have worked for will happen. That constant yearning for something and knowing that a positive outcome will come about it. That is what I love about Jay Gatsby, and that is what I ultimately take away from it, and I hope that one day I too will have “green light” to look out at. Until next time,
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