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The Hobbit: Movie vs. Book Part 2

the hobbit  the hobbit part 2

Now, there’s a lot of positive things to say about this movie. I absolutely loved the movie! Just like I love everything about LOTR, but I have some issues with it as well. Most of the things that happen in this movie do not actually happen in the book. I personally believe the main reason that they added a lot of it was to make it into a trilogy to make money.

For example there is a lot of time spent in the river town, and not actually on the people on the quest. I understand that there is need for a back story, but how they actually found the door in the book was a little bit different than the way it occurred in the movie. Also a lot of Gandalf’s journey did not happen, but I really liked how they made that back story. Of course I will own the Extended Editions to add to my extended editions LOTR set, and I will watch them numerous times, but I’m just saying I don’t like change! But I understand the reason for it. Until Next Time,
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