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Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire

Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire, to me was no where near as amazing as Wicked was. This sequel is about a boy who is trying to find himself, and find out what his part in the world is supposed to be. Through out the novel he is constantly told that he has some of the qualities as his supposed mother Elphaba, but he cannot confirm or deny that Elphaba is his mother. For the rest of the novel he flies around the world to all the different parts to try and help whomever he can, while he searches for an old family friend.

I didn’t really enjoy Son of a Witch because it was a constant journey. There was not a destination, and there was not a climax. The very beginning recounting Elphaba’s life and the very end, where there is a surprise was great, but the places in the middle were painful to read. It took me over a year to make it through this novel, and I’m glad that I did, but I did not gain anything from reading this novel as a sequel to Wicked. I’m going to read his other novels, because they’re on different fairy tale characters, and I love his spin on these characters. So let’s see how many books I can finish this summer! Until next time.

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