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The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien

the hobbitOh, The Hobbit, the beginning of a journey that would change the way we also look at The Odyssey. The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien is about a young hobbit,Bilbo Baggins, also known as Half-Ling who is thrown into an adventure of a lifetime. Used to being in his hobbit hole and minding his own business, as his relatives have, he is greeted by the Grey Wizard, Gandalf. Gandalf has determined through his own ways that he is the perfect person for the quest that he has planned. In the next couple of days Bilbo is met at the door by a caravan of dwarves ready for their quest. The dwarves are on a magnificent quest to take back their homeland in the mountains from a dragon, Smaug, who was attracted to their kingdom by all of the precious metals and gems. Bilbo has never done anything like this before and is skeptical that he wants to get involved with the likes of dwarves, but he finds himself anyway joining them on this adventure, and in turn opens apart of himself he did not know he had as well.

I figured it was finally time for me to read the novels of the movies that I love so much. It has actually been forever since I read the book because I finished it before the first movie, and have been slacking on the posts. I’m not sure if I loved this book, but I did enjoy it. I have seen it in a play so I knew how it ended, and basically what happens, but the books always provide more detail than in any other way. If you’re a LOTR fan and haven’t read this, then I definitely recommend reading it because it’s always good to know how something starts. Until next time,
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