Coffee Break

Happy Belated Mother’s Day!!

I have no idea how I could do a father’s day post, and not pay homage to the woman who gave me the love for reading. My mother is the absolute best mother in the world. Sure we butt heads sometimes, but if we didn’t she wouldn’t be my mother.

In our house we have so many books just flowing out of every room and slowly taking over our house. Luckily for the house we have become part of the Kindle craze and have started buying some of our books on Amazon, so that they are a lot easier to take around.

My mother has always instilled a love of reading into my head that has gotten me very far being an only child. Now with school I have less time to read, but more time to want and my list is forever growing. My mother now doesn’t read as much, but she has found a second love, quilting.

As of now she has made tons of quilts, which are slowly taking over the house as well making the place the most comfortable place to read ever. She gifts, sells, and dreams of having a foundation to share quilts with the world in a museum. Her dream comes from the finding of her grandmother’s quilts, so she calls this dream the Clara Ford Foundation. She has support of many friends and family and one of these days her dream will be realized. I hope when I grow up I get to be close to where my mother is today in her style, manner, and way of life. It is because of her I still like to read and because of her I have someone to aspire to be.