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#MedicLife: Partners

     One of the interesting things about working in EMS is having partners. Some places you have the same partner every time you come in to work, other places it switches up. I’m in a place where I have the same partner every week, so we get to know how each other work, and what we like and dislike. Sometimes I want to have different partners to switch it up, and to meet new people as well, but keeping it the same makes it easier for emergency calls.
     Learning how to work with people is a serious life skill. Especially when you’re in a truck with someone for 12 hours. You have to learn how to not get on each others nerves, and how to compromise on some things. For the first few shifts it might be difficult, but it gets better. If you’re really lucky you will get a partner that you hit it off with immediately, and it will make for an easier day.
     The way I go about partners is to not judge quickly, and see what they bring to the table, and how I can better the partnership. As the paramedic in the truck I am technically in charge, so technically it is what I say goes, but no one likes anyone who tries to take over, and sometimes, or really most of the time right now, my partners have more experience than me, and can teach me some things as well. I also like to learn about my partners, so I ask a lot of questions to “bond”, and that opens the doors to conversation, making the shift more fun. All in all working with people never gets easier, but it has to be learned. Find ways to connect with your partner, and everything will be okay. Until next time,
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Yes, I’m a paramedic.

Yes, I’m 22.

Yes, I’m female.

Yes, I have a bachelors degree in Emergency Medicine.

imageBecoming a paramedic is one of the best things that have happened to me. At first I thought I wanted to be in Athletic Training. I absolutely love the field, and I love sports, but that wasn’t in the cards for me. I stumbled into the EMS field after taking an EMT class at the University of Pittsburgh. From there I learned more about the Emergency Medicine program Pitt has through the Center for Emergency Medicine from one of my favorite teachers. I decided that I need to apply because it couldn’t hurt. At Pitt people say that the EM major is for people who can’t cut it as a bio or chemistry major, and they’re right. I can’t be a bio or chemistry major, but I didn’t want to be. When I graduated, I wanted to leave with a skill that I could get a job in. I also knew that if I wanted to pursue other healthcare options, I needed something that taught me how to deal with patients.

So, joining the EM program was what I decided. Through a whirlwind of Junior year classes, crying, and still trying to be a typical college student I made it through paramedic school, and passed the National Registry. For all of you nursing students out there paramedic school and nursing school are no where near the same thing even at a great program like at the University of Pittsburgh.

Being a “baby Medic” as I like to say has shown me a lot. I’ve learned it’s rare to be this young and a paramedic, even though I graduated with a whole class of them, and I’ve also learned it’s possible to look decent and be a medic. One of the hardest things I had to get used to becoming a paramedic, was not the long hours, the weekend shifts, the overnights, and the no holidays, it was realizing I was back to being in a uniform.

For all of my schooling before college I was in a uniform, and I loved them, and then in college I got to dress however I wanted to. Through that time I got to learn my personal style, my makeup likes, and my shoe likes. Being a paramedic I don’t get to wear nice clothes, and make my hair all pretty. I do try not to look like a slob though, put on a touch of makeup, and try to control the mane that is my natural hair. This is only the beginning on what I want to talk about being a new medic because when I was trying to figure out what to do when I was starting and pressing google wasn’t working, I at least had a lot of friends to help. So this one though frivolous was something that I needed to remember. Make yourself look decent, even in uniform. Until next time,

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