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The Paris Vendetta, Steve Berry

Paris Vendetta
Cotton Malone and his team are at it again. Someone in the world is threatening the balance of how it works, and of course Cotton finds himself  in the middle of it all. This one though is incredibly personal, and involves a complicated history for Thorvaldsen, Cotton’s best friend. Cotton does not know how deep his vendetta goes in terms of who is all involved and in what aspect. There are a lot of twists and turns, and a deeper history than anyone could imagine, Napoleon’s treasure is only a small part of what is in store.
As usual I loved Steve Berry’s story and I always think he does a great job of making history interesting. Interweaving fact with fiction. This one though did take me a lot longer to read for a lot of different reasons. I was starting a new job, there was school, I read some other things in between just a lot. If you’ve started the Cotton Malone series, just keep going. They keep getting more and more interesting. Until next time,
Keep turning the pages
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