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E-Reader vs. Real Books

I think that I’ve probably done a post like this before, but the other night I was reading a book in bed, instead of reading on my iPad. I know woe is me reading a book instead of an iPad, but the problem I was having was the book was rather large!! (I was reading Dan Brown’s Inferno and Sarah Dessen’s The Moon and More) It was hard for me to hold the book and get comfortable in bed.

I’ve been trying to get books on my iPad (kindle app), but when I own things by an author, I have to continue getting those books in print. I have to have the whole collection! I mean who just wants to see one of a series on the shelf… no one that’s who. Let me know what you think of e-reader vs. books!! It also seems like e-readers might be putting some book stores out of business, or at least that’s what I’ve heard… until next time,
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