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School makes me want to read less….

With the large amount of reading that I have had to do for school this year, I’ve actually resorted to thumbing through magazines to do something different. Now, I did not read magazines through out high school, and just started to indulge in them in college. I now am a subscriber to three magazines I believe. The only problem with that is, that I now have all of these magazines around my room, unread, because I don’t even have time for those! No wonder my brain is fried without any type of creative or imaginary things running rampant through it. I mean it’s not crazy to want to lose yourself into a different world right? To just take a break from everything that is around you and escape without the cost of a vacation… that’s okay right?

Well I’m saying that it is okay, and I’m going to find a way to do more of it, but until that time, I guess I’m glad that it’s summer vacation!! Time to read all I want and to do it outside in the sun. Until next time,
Keep Turning the Pages
90s Born Reader