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Why I Chose an In Person MCAT Class

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You’ve been taking all of your classes needed to go to medical school. You’ve taken biology, chemistry, physics, and plenty more science classes. You’ve decided on either doing research or clinical experience or maybe even both, but now it’s time to focus on the next most important test of your carer. The MCAT. If you made the decision to go to med school then you know how important this exam is, but maybe you don’t know where to start.
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Do I take a class? Do I study on my own? Do I only do practice exams? Do I solely rely on my test taking abilities from school? For this you have to truly decide what is best for you. How did you do well in school? Did you do better when you had homework or practice problems, or did you do better when all you had to do was read and memorize? For me I was, and am a person who does better with practice problems and things that make me have to review the work. I’ve never really done well with trying to do things on my own or online classes. I can make too many excuses to not do work.
For those reasons I chose to do my MCAT class in person. That means I have to be somewhere twice a week with a teacher and do the work of the class. It is going to force me to do the work, and it gives me someone to ask questions to when I want to know what the exam is like.  Yes the class is SUPER expensive, but I’m hoping that it is worth it, and they do have a better score guarantee. I’ll get more into the actual class later. Until next time,
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