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Saint Anything, Sarah Dessen

saint anythingSarah Dessen’s newest novel Saint Anything is about a high school girl named Sydney who has to be strong in ways a girl her age shouldn’t have to be. Her brother, though not at home, is always the center of attention for her mom almost like he is still at home, and her dad doesn’t stick up for her when it comes to her mom. When Sydney decides to switch schools, she doesn’t know what a good choice that is for her, and that family are not always the people that we are born into.
Saint Anything was a very touching novel, and what I would expect from Sarah Dessen. It doesn’t go at the top of my Dessen list, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. She as always touched on emotions of growing up, family life, school life, and figuring out who you are amongst the whole system. I will always be a Dessen fan and will have to read everything that she writes! This of course was no exception. If you haven’t read on of her novels this is a good a time as any to start! Until next time,
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