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The King’s Deception (Cotton Malone #8), Steve Berry

the-kings-deceptionCotton Malone is back to fill in the blanks of what happened while in London with his son. A recent stop in Georgia to go by his ex’s house brings up the question of what happened.  Pam, Malone’s ex, knew something was different when her son was able to forgive her for the sins of the past. It is difficult to learn that the man who raised you is not your biological father, and then when your mother won’t tell you who is, it is hard to understand and to want to trust her. On their way to the Copenhagen, Cotton is asked to do a favor and transport a young boy back to London because he escaped police custody after witnessing a crime in London. When they make it to London, they are ambushed by fake London police. Cotton finds his son, Gary, kidnapped, the boy has run away, and he is temporarily unconscious on the street. Cotton has found himself in the middle of something again, but this time his son is at risk.
I really enjoyed The King’s Deception. I mean there has barely been a Cotton Malone novel that I don’t like. This one though is about Queen Elizabeth and I found that to be pretty interesting. Steve Berry continues to make fictional history enjoyable to read, and now it’s time for me to go on to the next. Until next time,
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