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The Five People You Meet in Heaven

the five people you meet in heaven
From the very beginning of this novel I was captured. He starts at the end of our protagonist’s life, Eddie, saying, “But all endings are also beginnings. We just don’t know it at the time”. Eddie is your average human being who doesn’t know just how much his life has impacted others. Each one of his actions no matter how small they are from the time that he was young, to his dying breath now are recounted, and show how each one helps to shape each persons life. There is nothing I can summarize that can do this wonderful novel justice, I can only recommend reading it.

I have never reflected more after reading a novel than I have after this one. This novel was so well written that it made you think from the very beginning. The very first sentence trapped me and made me want to continue reading. I started and finished this novel in a trip to Starbucks, but I couldn’t move as I sipped on my iced passion tea lemonade. I can’t scream about how much I loved this novel because of the way it makes you feel. It makes you think about every reaction you have with a person and what that can mean to someone else. It makes you think about the people who you might blame for the rest of your life who really helped to shape who you are. It makes y

ou think about the ones you have loved and lost. It makes you think about the people who have a major part of your life and you don’t even know it. Do I think this novel had a serious impact on my life, of course I do, and I hope to read many more that do as well. Until next time,

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The Moon and More, Sarah Dessen

the moon and moreIn The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen a young girl, Emaline, lives in a beach town where most of their lives revolve around summer. In Colby they get most of their business in the summer when people come to the beach and stay in the houses that Emaline’s family is in charge of. It is Emaline’s summer before her first year of college, and her eyes are about to be opened to things she never thought she would want to do or see. Like not go to the same college as everyone else, find a summer romance in someone who is like no one she has ever seen, and develop a relationship with estranged family members.
Once again Sarah Dessen has written something that is relatable, amazing, and something that people should read. I went out and bought this on the day it came out, went home and read it. (yes I know this post is soooo late) I think this is relatable to any young girl, especially those from small towns. Finding someone who is new and exciting, and learning what it’s like to have an unconventional family. This is something a lot of people know the feeling of. I of course recommend this book and I plan on reading whatever comes out next by Sarah Dessen. Until next time,
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