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Undercover in High Heels, Gemma Halliday


Soap operas have more drama off set than they do on set. When Maddie finds out that the main character on her favorite soap opera has been receiving life threatening letters she decides to take it upon herself to go undercover and figure it out. In order to do that she has to figure out a way to get on set. With her best friend she finds her way on set, but where ever Maddie goes murder follows, and soon there is a murder on set.

Maddie, her best friend, and her sexy cop boyfriend all find a way to be on the famous soap opera set to find out who the murder is.

This novel is an amazing follow up mystery to her first one following the cute clumsy blond around who can’t stay away from fast food. Of course read this mystery because they are addicting, really good, and they make you feel like you can do anything in a cute pair of heels.

“I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot” Marilyn Monroe

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More and Less…

So… I ended up reading a lot more books than expected, but not all of them were on my list.

I didn’t read Kite Runner and I only read a little bit of Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder. What I did read though was amazing.

I ended up reading Spying in High Heels, Undercover in High Heels(both by Gemma Halliday), Once Upon Stilettos, and Enchanted Inc (both by Shanna Swendson).

These 4 books were perfect for the cruise. They provided me romance, murder, mystery, excitement, and the compelling urge to not put the books down, though I was reading all of these on my kindle.

Look for more posts on these 4 books as I write what I thought about the book in it’s own book review.