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Awake by Wendy Raven McNair

The next novel in Wendy Raven McNair’s series is just as gripping as the first one. Adisa is back and finding out what it means to have the most helpful powers, and being the most sought after.

As Adisa finds out what it means to be a superhero, whom she has wanted to be one since she was younger, she finds out that it is not all fun and games, and that by just flicking her wrist or saying the magic words she ill be able to heal people. She finds out that it is a lot of hard work to completely master her powers of healing, but time is running out for the one she loves, and she needs to find a way to heal him soon. Not only that but Adisa has caught word that her biological father wants to see her, but he is the most wanted man in the Spz world.

McNair’s second novel in this series is as impossible to put down as the first one. In this second one so many questions are answered and it opens your eyes to see more into the world of everyday super heros, the Spz world, who keep their existence a secret from us. Of course I highly recommend reading the second one and getting all of those questions you had in the first novel, answered in the second one, plus a lead in to the wonderful power that Adisa has, but has yet to find it.

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Asleep by Wendy Raven McNair

This book most definitely did not put me to sleep in anyway. Actually Asleep by Wendy Raven McNair aroused every emotion in my body. I went from emotional highs to emotional lows. Who knew someone could pack so much into one book.

In this wonderful tale a young female, Adisa Summers(Uh- Dee- Sah), finds out so much information about her life that a typical young African-American woman wouldn’t be able to handle. Adisa is no where near normal, even with her childhood obsessions she is stronger than she can even imagine, but to figure that out a mysterious boy comes a long and awakens her. These two end up in a relationship that takes flight, literally!! Micah Alexander is a blessing and a curse all at the same time for Adisa, but ends up being her saving grace, more than once.

Micah leaves a young African-American woman like myself wonder if I’m going to find the perfect guy for me who can fly me to the moon and back, love me and my faults, and never cease to protect me. I fear that I might have to continue to read to feel those feelings.

This hard to put down novel had so many twists and turns, that kept the story moving. I never felt the story was going to slow or that I wanted to skip over chapters. I ended up finishing this book in one day only stopping to have dinner with mom. I really don’t know what to say other than this novel had me floored with just how amazing it is, especially every time I told my mom how amazing it is. I highly recommend this novel to EVERYONE of ALL ages. I cannot wait to read the next novel, but it’s not out yet 😦  . Until then, keep turning the pages!

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Awesome!!! Asked to read someone’s book!!

So, my mother met an author, and they got to talking about my blog, and the author wants me to read 1 of her books and write about it!!!!! I also was asked to read another book so I’m going to read that one as well.I felt so special and amazing and I can’t wait to get started on them!!

The books are What You Think You Know, You Don’t by Terrie Lynn and Asleep by Wendy Raven McNair.

I know these books are going to be good, and I’ll tell you just how good when I’m done!!