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The alternative for counting sheep

Have you ever had those nights where you can’t sleep? Well the mattress people will tell you try and count sheep, maybe some parents as well. What my mom told me was to read a book. A lot of the time that backfired for me.

Sometimes when reading, I just can’t stop. I end up sitting in bed reading page after page, word after word, feeling emotions that would wake me up instead of putting me to sleep.

For example I read the Twilight Saga in less than 24 hours, but over the course of 4 days. Pretty much I couldn’t go to sleep would start one around midnight and then finish it around 4 in the morning, when I finally did go to sleep and wake up I would go and buy the next book the next day.

I guess what I’m saying is, be careful of what you read at night, you may or may not actually go to sleep. Read a boring book, or if you’re in school read your school book (those put me out immediately), but don’t read the book you’ve been dying to read, or no sleep for you. haha

Keep turning the pages! 90s Born Reader

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