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Size 12 Is Not Fat, Meg Cabot

In Size 12 Is Not Fat, the former pop star, Heather Wells, finds herself without a record label and working in a dorm as an assistant dorm director, sorry, residence hall. Her life has fallen apart and has found herself living in an apartment with the brother of her ex-boyfriend. Oh and girls are found dead in the bottom of the elevator shaft in her dorm, sorry…residence hall.

Being that I couldn’t go to sleep I finished Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot. The novel unfortunately started off very slowly, almost too slowly. As I continued to read it it picked up, but it still wasn’t that great. Don’t get me wrong the novel has it’s twists and turns, high points and low points, but I was waiting forever to read this book.

All in all there was murder, mystery, romance, and some excitement. The novel definitely was a lot crazier than the back cover lets on. By the end of it I definitely found myself laughing at jokes and hoping that everything turns out for the best for the protagonist.

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