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Wow… I’m getting behind

So, with the start of the new semester I’m already swamped with so much school work. With physics and calculus and three other classes, plus basketball I have not had time for leisure reading. But don’t worry I have been reading thanks to my English Literature class this semester.

The point of my English class this semester is to take the books we read and see how it compares to the “house” ad what the “house” has to do with the book. A lot of the time we over look the setting of the novel or poem and we just look towards the plot, with this class I have no choice but to look at the setting. The first book we read was Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronë. I will write a review of that one as soon as I finish this post. So far I’m enjoying the class because it is making me look at the books differently than if were to just read them myself. Also my teacher does a great job with getting the point across and showing us the meaning of different parts.

Oh yeah, by the way my birthday happened…. just saying to those who might read this hahaha. Anyway until next time, keep turing the pages!

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