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The Help: Movie vs. Book

I already did a post talking about The Help and what the book is about, but this is one is to compare the movie and the book.

Once again I read the book before I went to the movie, but this time with a bit more separation in between. I think that the makers of The Help the movie did a very good job of staying close to the book without it changing a lot of other notions.
The only complaint that I had with the movie was that it took out some of the hard core matters that dealt with the African American community, like the murders, or Louvenia’s grandson, but most importantly with Constantine’s daughter. In the movie they made her black. That was a huge story in the book of how Constantine’s daughter was born with white skin, and that’s why she had to be sent away to Chicago. It was then her arrival to the Flinn’s house where she confused everyone into thinking she was white was how Constantine lost her job. Of course all of that was in a nutshell, but in the book it is a pretty big deal, and it was a constant question on Skeeter’s mind of why Constantine was fired, or quit, as put by her mother.
I was overall pleased with the movie, but it was just that giant miswrite that to me made it not an amazing movie, and one to truly rant and rave about. Until next time,
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3 thoughts on “The Help: Movie vs. Book”

    1. To me personally it didn’t bother me, I mean we all read Huckleberry Finn and the only thing people have a problem with that is the language used. I think that she did a good job getting the point across what she was trying to say, and in the end that’s all we can hope for. Others still don’t want to write about what happened in the past and it is important for people to here it from all views.


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