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Take a break from reading!

With the school year going on and reading my Biology textbook every night I had to take a break from reading for pleasure. What I have been doing though is trying to get my own small business off the ground by selling mark. products. Products by mark. have the same type of selling feel as Avon or MaryKay, but their prices are better and their style offers more fashion and trend setting qualities. I myself really enjoy the products and am trying to get others to enjoy it as well. If you are looking for affordable makeup and fashion contact me by email or Facebook. For first mark orders I’m offering 15% off to new customers!


I love the products because they are affordable for me being on a budget, but they also have tremendous quality.

Just think about it. Eyeshadows for $5, foundations for $12, cleansers for $8, and so much more.

One of the main things that I like about mark. products are the hookups. Hookups make you able to carry around eyeliner, concealer, lipgloss, mascara, and brushes in an easy to carry around container a little bit bigger than a lipgloss tube.


Once again check out my eBoutique online and my Facebook page to make your orders!!!


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